Bellows Maker Job

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Bellows Maker Job

BELLOWS MAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Builds or repairs camera bellows, using handtools, power tools, and gluing equipment: Selects cardboard cone bellow form according to size of bellows. 2. Cuts paper pattern of cone. 3. Cuts lining and cover materials for bellows, according to pattern, using scissors or electric knife. 4. Stretches lining around cone and glues overlapping edges to cone. 5. Cuts cardboard strips and glues strips to lining. 6. Glues cover over ribbed lining and attaches front and rear metal frames, using glue and clamps. 7. Trims excess material from assembly, using scissors and removes dried glue, using solvent and cloth. 8. Compresses assembly over special frame to pleat material and form completed bellows.


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