Bellows Filler Job

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Bellows Filler Job

BELLOWS FILLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Fills thermostat bellows with gas or liquid to charge bellows, using vacuum tank or cabinet, crimping equipment, brazing iron, and solder seal equipment, by either of following methods: Inserts capillary tube of bellows into charging manifold of cabinet and closes cabinet windows to seal cabinet. 2. Manipulates controls of cabinet to purge capillary tubes of air and fill tubes with gas. 3. Observes gauges to verify that internal temperature of cabinet meets specifications, and turns valve to maintain specified gas pressure in bellows. 4. Positions bellows assemblies into vacuum tank with bulb end down. 5. Closes tank lids, tightens lugs to seal tank, and opens valves to create vacuum in tank. 6. Turns valve on vacuum tank and connection line between vacuum tank and filling tank to draw liquid into tank and force liquid into bellows. 7. Removes bellows from tank or cabinet and crimps bulb end of capillary tube to seal in gas or liquid fill, using crimping equipment. 8. Brazes crimped end of tube, using brazing iron or solder seal equipment. 9. Submerges portion of capillary tube in water, when filling tube with combination of liquid and gas, to partially condense gas. 10. Places filled bellows in tray or storage boxes.


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