Bee Worker Job

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Bee Worker Job

BEE WORKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Attends bee colony to produce queen bees: Fits bar containing cell cups grafted with bee larvae into notched hive frame to prepare frame for placement in cell building hive in which bees form queen cells on cup base. 2. Blows smoke into hive to quiet bees, using smoke producing device. 3. Reads grafting date, opens hive, and inserts frame in sequence by date. 4. Pulls out queen cell frame of specified age and places frame in incubator to continue maturation process. 5. Opens hive and pours sugar on tops of frames to feed bees. 6. Mixes and kneads specified types and quantities of ingredients to make bee candy. 7. Presses piece of candy into end of queen shipping cage to provide food for queen and workers during shipping. 8. May construct shipping cages. 9. May select and collect queen bees meeting specified criteria for shipping.


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