Beater Engineer Job

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Beater Engineer Job

BEATER ENGINEER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls beater engines and related equipment to process furnish for making paper, roofing felt, and related products: Starts pumps and adjusts valves to regulate flow of specified amount of slush pulp into vat. 2. Starts engines and adjusts beater rolls to obtain specified degree of pulp fineness and hydration. 3. Examines furnish for specified consistency and size of fibers. 4. Dips sample from vat for laboratory testing. 5. Starts pumps to transfer furnish to storage chests. 6. May operate machine to refine pulp. 7. May make freeness and acidity tests. 8. May calculate volume and weight of furnish ingredients from technical control formulas. 9. May mix and cook dyes for furnish. 10. May control operation of battery of beaters and be designated Beater, Lead.


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