Beater-engineer Helper Job

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Beater-engineer Helper Job

BEATER-ENGINEER HELPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends beaters and vats that prepare furnish for making paper, roofing felt, and related products: Turns valves to charge vats with specified amounts of slush pulp, fillers, size, and liquid chemicals. 2. Weighs and dumps dry ingredients into vat according to formula. 3. Dips furnish sample from vat for laboratory testing. 4. Removes plug of vat to dump furnish into beater chest or starts pump to transfer furnish from vat to storage. 5. Observes vat and beater operation and notifies BEATER ENGINEER of malfunction. 6. Cleans vat with water and hose and scrapes out adhering matter. 7. May truck materials from storage. 8. May weigh, mix, and cook dyes. 9. May chip rust, scale, and other deposits from machine rolls, using airhammer. 10. May truck sheet pulp and other materials from stockroom.


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