Bearing-ring Assembler Job

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Bearing-ring Assembler Job

BEARING-RING ASSEMBLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Assembles outer rings, inner rings, bearings, and retainer guards to form ball bearing assembly unit used in manufacture of gyros and other commercial equipment: Selects inner ring and places it on pedestal jig. 2. Selects outer ring and places it on pedestal jig. 3. Picks up ball bearings of specified size and number, using magnetic and nonmagnetic needles. 4. Inserts bearings between outer and inner rings, spacing them with nonmagnetic needle. 5. Selects and inserts retaining guard into ball bearing unit assembly. 6. Tests finished assemblies with gauge to determine accurate radial play. 7. May secure ball bearings in position, using rivets and riveting press. 8. May disassemble finished ball bearings rejected, during final inspection.


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