Beadworker Job

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Beadworker Job

BEADWORKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sews beads and other ornaments to leather articles, such as belts, purses, and moccasins, to form decorative designs: Draws original design on paper or executes design by threading beads together on hand loom. 2. Stitches beads individually or in clumps onto leather article to transfer from drawing or loom. 3. May prepare deerskin or other hide for beading by rubbing with stones to soften leather. 4. May stitch materials, such as bird claws, feathers, and animal teeth, to leather to form contrasting design. 5. May prepare dyes for coloring materials from berries or other natural substances, according to shade desired and knowledge of dye properties of available materials. 6. May prepare thread from leather sinews for attaching ornaments.


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