Bead Builder Job

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Bead Builder Job

BEAD BUILDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Wraps rubberized tape around coiled and rubber coated wire to reinforce tire bead: Positions bead on machine guide wheels and sets roller clamps to hold bead. 2. Applies end of stock(bead-wrap fabric, gum-filler strip, or bead-flipper fabric. to bead. 3. Starts machine and guides stock from roll onto bead as it rotates. 4. Cuts stock with scissors and presses loose ends onto bead with fingers. 5. Releases clamps and lifts bead to rack. 6. Tags and ties specified quantity and type of bead into bundles. 7. May be designated according to stock applied as Bead Filler; Bead Flipper; Bead Wrapper.


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