Beach Lifeguard Job

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Beach Lifeguard Job

BEACH LIFEGUARD JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Patrols public beach area to monitor activities of swimmers and prevent illegal conduct: Observes activities in assigned area on foot, in vehicle, or from tower or headquarters building with binoculars to detect hazardous conditions, such as swimmers in distress, disturbances, or safety infractions. 2. Cautions people against use of unsafe beach areas or illegal conduct, such as drinking or fighting, using megaphone. 3. Rescues distressed persons from ocean or adjacent cliffs, using rescue techniques and equipment. 4. Examines injured individuals, administers first aid, and monitors vital signs, utilizing training, antiseptics, bandages, and instruments, such as stethoscope and sphygmomanometer. 5. Administers artificial respiration, utilizing cardiopulmonary or mouth-to-mouth methods, or provides oxygen to revive persons. 6. Compiles emergency and medical treatment report forms and maintains daily information on weather and beach conditions. 7. Occasionally operates switchboard or two-way radio system to maintain contact and coordinate activities between emergency rescue units.


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Company: IHG Hotels & Resorts
Job Details: A Lifeguard is responsible for the safety and well being of swimmers in the resort pools and beach. Be competent at all times as a qualified lifeguard to…

Lifeguard at InterContinental Abu Dhabi

Company: InterContinental Hotels
Job Details: Lifeguard and First Aid certificate or license preferred. We are currently seeking to hire a dynamic Lifeguard to join our Recreation Team.

Certified Lifeguard

Company: Palma Beach Resort and Spa
Job Details: Palma Beach Resort and Spa. Umm Al Quwain/United Arab Emirates UAE. Accommodation is provided by the company. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Pool Lifeguard

Company: Al Manzel Hotel Apartments LLC - AUH
Job Details: Your job is to ensure safety at the pools or at the resort’s private beach. To work as a lifeguard at a hotel you will need to have certain qualifications and…

Life Guard

Company: IMG
Job Details: Lifeguards can have shifts at swimming pools and beaches when the weather permits. A lifeguard is responsible for the general supervision and safety of patrons…


Company: Keytech Security LLC
Job Details: Lifeguards typically, keep an eye out for people indulging in recreational activities on a pool, lake, water-park or the beach.

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