Batting-machine Operator, Insulation Job

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Batting-machine Operator, Insulation Job

BATTING-MACHINE OPERATOR, INSULATION JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates machine to slit and cut mineral wool blanket into batting of specified dimensions and enclose them in paper covering: Installs and adjusts slitting saws, edge cutters, dividers, flange sealing rollers, and paper guide rollers, using rule, wrenches, screwdriver, and hammer, or by turning handwheels and moving levers. 2. Positions paper rolls in upper and lower machine racks, using hoist. 3. Tightens collars on shaft to secure rolls, using wrench. 4. Starts machine and turns wheel to align rolls, and threads paper into feed rollers. 5. Raises and lowers blanket feed table under master roller to control thickness of batting. 6. Stops machine to remove substandard material and make adjustments to correct defects.


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