Battery Repairer Job

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Battery Repairer Job

BATTERY REPAIRER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Repairs and recharges electric-storage batteries: Melts sealing compound on cover, using gas torch. 2. Loosens compound from sides of case, using putty knife. 3. Removes and disassembles cells and inspects parts to detect defects. 4. Replaces defective parts, fuses lead parts, using oxyacetylene torch, reassembles battery, and pours hot seal over cover. 5. Fills cells with acid solution and determines specific gravity of solution, using hydrometer and thermometer. 6. Adds acid or water to obtain specified concentration. 7. Attaches leads from charger to battery posts and starts charger. 8. Reads meters and adjusts rheostat to control flow of current through battery. 9. May repair battery-charging equipment.


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