Battery-parts Assembler Job

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Battery-parts Assembler Job

BATTERY-PARTS ASSEMBLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following tasks to complete assembly of storage batteries, according to specification: Threads positive and negative battery plates onto separate connecting bolts, inserts washers between each plate to assemble grouped plates, and attaches nuts to ends of bolts of grouped plates to secure plates, using hydraulic hand wrench. 2. Joins grouped plates and positions joined plates in battery base, or inserts element in single-cell container or inserts number of cells in multiple-cell containers, according to specified order of polarity. 3. Wraps insulating material around cell or inserts wooden shims in container to secure tight fit. 4. Inserts plastic separating rods on plates, following notched guides on each plate. 5. Positions batteries or cell containers in jig and attaches, inserts, or positions battery parts, such as gaskets, washers, battery posts, and battery lids, according to color-coded assembly procedures. 6. Applies glue to edge of lids and positions batteries in vises for specified time to seal batteries. 7. Adds compound to fill cavities to secure tight seal and improve appearance, using hand torch. 8. Tests sealed units for air leaks, using air pressure testing device. 9. Attaches terminal cables, using handtools. 10. Removes excess metal around posts, using handtools. 11. Dips posts in soda solution or brushes paint or molten wax on posts and connectors to prevent acid corrosion. 12. May be designated according to part assembled as Battery-Vent-Plug Inserter; Element Setter; Separator Inserter.


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