Battery Maintainer, Large Emergency Storage Job

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Battery Maintainer, Large Emergency Storage Job

BATTERY MAINTAINER, LARGE EMERGENCY STORAGE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Services and repairs storage batteries maintained in generating plants and substations as electric power source for lighting purposes and operation of motors, switchgear, and electric appliances during interruptions of normal power supply: Tests condition of electrolyte in each cell, using hydrometer and thermometer, and adds water or acid, according to specifications. 2. Measures electrical energy level of batteries to ensure that potential energy meets minimum requirements. 3. Connects batteries to portable charger and adjusts rheostat to raise energy level of undercharged cells. 4. Replaces deteriorated plates in cells and cleans out sediment that accumulates in bottom of battery case. 5. Compiles operating and maintenance records.


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