Battery Charger Job

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Battery Charger Job

BATTERY CHARGER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Inspects, recharges, and replaces batteries of electric industrial trucks: Disconnects electrical leads and removes battery from industrial truck, using handtools and hoist. 2. Checks fluid levels and specific gravity of cells and adds water and acid, using hydrometer, thermometer, and siphons, to ensure fluid concentration meets specifications. 3. Cleans electrical leads and battery poles to provide contact surface, using wire brush. 4. Attaches battery to battery charger and manipulates controls of battery charger to start flow of electricity into battery. 5. Installs recharged battery in industrial truck. 6. May remove and replace other defective electrical components, such as motor, switches, wires, and rheostats. 7. May lubricate truck’s moving parts, using grease gun.


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