Battery Assembler, Dry Cell Job

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Battery Assembler, Dry Cell Job

BATTERY ASSEMBLER, DRY CELL JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following duties to assemble batteries for commercial use in products, such as photographic equipment, flashlights, and pagers: Fills electrolyte or mercury dispensing devices to specified levels. 2. Pours partial battery assembly parts into respective conveyor line bowl feeders, places spools of metal strips and paper on holding brackets, or positions battery subassemblies in conveyor holding attachments. 3. Observes automatic equipment that cuts blotter and cathode inserts, places inserts in subassembly, joins top and bottom subassembly of batteries, dispenses specified amounts of electrolyte or mercury, and spot welds metal strip to each battery; or tamps pellets into bottom sections of battery subassembly. 4. Positions inserts, such as poly ring and anode ring, in subassembly before or after designated steps of assembly process. 5. Notifies supervisor or setup personnel, or signals coworkers, to stop conveyor when malfunctions occur. 6. Gathers batteries with metal strips attached, and places specified number of batteries in concave work aid that facilitates positioning metal strips over side of batteries in stack prior to spot welding. 7. Positions each battery of stack under spot welder and depresses pedal to spot weld strips to successive batteries to join stacks of batteries. 8. Spot welds battery top to joined batteries. 9. Inserts battery stacks into battery sleeves with crimped tops, positions battery sleeves in crimping machine, and presses button to crimp bottom of sleeves to secure stacks in sleeves. 10. Positions batteries in test equipment to determine whether batteries meet standard for acceptability. 11. Tends equipment that automatically cuts out blotter and cathode battery inserts and places inserts in partial battery assemblies. 12. Packs batteries meeting company standards for shipment.


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