Batch-still Operator I Job

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Batch-still Operator I Job

BATCH-STILL OPERATOR I JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends batch stills to separate, by distillation, liquids having divergent volatilization temperatures: Pours specified types and quantities of materials into still. 2. Observes thermostat and sets controls on instrument panel to maintain specified volatilization temperatures throughout distillation cycle and to control condensation of components. 3. Draws samples of distilled liquids for laboratory analysis or performs refractometric or other tests, using standard procedure and equipment. 4. Observes color of distillate to determine when distillate is completed. 5. Records operating data, such as weight, yield of products, gauge readings, and number of batches distilled. 6. May tend continuous-flow vacuum still. 7. May be designated according to product distilled or formed as Ammonia-Still Operator; Crystallizer Operator II; Degreasing-Solution Reclaimer; Glycerin Operator.


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