Batch Freezer Job

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Batch Freezer Job

BATCH FREEZER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends batch freezer that freezes liquid ice cream mix to semisolid consistency: Measures specified amounts of ice cream mix, color, and flavor, using graduate, and dumps ingredients into freezer barrel. 2. Starts beaters and refrigerating unit. 3. Observes clock and ammeter for specified reading denoting end of freezing cycle and turns valve to start flow of frozen mix into containers. 4. Places fixture which ripples ice cream into valve outlet, and stirs syrups into ice cream with spoon or adds candies, fruit, and nuts to make various varieties of ice cream. 5. Places containers of mix in hardening cabinet. 6. Washes and sterilizes equipment, using cleansing solution, brushes, and hot water.


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