Batch-and-furnace Operator Job

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Batch-and-furnace Operator Job

BATCH-AND-FURNACE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls automatic equipment to weigh, mix, and melt ingredients to make glass: Adjusts panel controls to transfer specified amounts of ingredients, such as silica sand, soda ash, limestone flurospar, feldspar, borax, clay, and cullet from storage bins to automatic weigh hopper and batch mixer. 2. Adjusts panel controls to dump blended mix into furnace. 3. Observes signal lights, dials, and charts, and turns switches to adjust air, fuel, water pressure, and furnace temperature. 4. Turns switch to reverse gas fire from one side of gas-and-air regenerative chambers to other side to equalize heat in furnace. 5. Observes color of molten glass through furnace opening or reads gauges or pyrometer to determine when furnace temperature has reached prescribed level. 6. Collects sample of molten glass for laboratory analysis. 7. Makes adjustments on equipment to correct deviations from specifications. 8. Records batch mixing, glass melting, and production data. 9. May control furnace to melt and fuse premixed ingredients and be designated Tank-Furnace Operator.


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