Basin Operator Job

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Basin Operator Job

BASIN OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends and maintains desilting basin that removes silt from river water entering irrigation system: Reads dials and gauges to determine if equipment is operating according to specifications. 2. Inspects sluice hoppers of clarifiers to detect clogged valves. 3. Flushes valves to clear them. 4. Inspects and repairs ventilating blowers, pumps, and corrosion protection system. 5. Removes trash from slots of influent channels, using steel rake. 6. Sluices sand and silt from ends of channels, using high-pressure hose. 7. Lubricates machinery and gear boxes or clarifiers. 8. Records equipment malfunctions and corrective actions taken. 9. Cleans basin area, pilot houses, and equipment. 10. Patrols dam area and compound to guard against fire, trespassing, or property damage.


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