Base Filler Job

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Base Filler Job

BASE FILLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Stuffs canvas bags with excelsior or felt pads to form baseball base: Turns bag to place sewn edges inside and smooth seams outside. 2. Stuffs bags with excelsior or felt pads by hand. 3. Places bag on pressing machine and pulls lever to lower head that compresses stuffing to prescribed thickness. 4. Inserts anchor straps through loops sewn on bag. 5. May fill football dummies, medicine balls, and punching bags with materials, such as cotton, felt, cattle hair, and rubberized hair. 6. May mold and assemble plastic base covers, using plastic, mold, and curing oven. 7. May assemble and seal vinyl covered bases, using electric sealing iron.


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