Barrel Straightener I Job

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Barrel Straightener I Job

BARREL STRAIGHTENER I JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Straightens small arms barrels to remove bends and crooks, using either line or ring method: Positions barrel in straightening press, sighting it toward frosted glass plate across which is drawn black horizontal line. 2. Sights through barrel, noting two line-shadows cast longitudinally along interior by reflected light from frosted glass. 3. Tightens jaws of press to bend barrel at points where shadows are not straight to straighten barrel. 4. Positions barrel on special fixture. 5. Sights through barrel toward light, noting position of three ring-shadows cast inside bore by light passing through ring scribed on smoked glass at far end of barrel. 6. Removes crooked barrel from fixture and strikes it with soft metal mallet against babbitt block to remove bend indicated by position of rings.


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