Barrel Rifler Job

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Barrel Rifler Job

BARREL RIFLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends battery of machines that cut spiral grooves into bores of artillery and small arms weapons by either of following methods: Inserts barrel in collet of machine and button in hole of push rod attachment on machine. 2. Starts machine to rotate barrel and feed it over button to impress grooves in bore. 3. Locks broach or hook cutter in drawing head and barrel in indexing head of broaching machine, using wrenches. 4. Moves levers to regulate automatic feed and to cut rifling to specified depth and twist. 5. Cleans bore, using cleaning rod and patch, and examines bore for burrs and scratches. 6. Measures rifling for conformance to specifications, using dial and depth gauges. 7. May be designated according to type of rifling tool used as Barrel Rifler, Broach; Barrel Rifler, Button; Barrel Rifler, Hook.


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