Barrel Liner Job

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Barrel Liner Job

BARREL LINER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Coats interior of tight barrels and kegs with sealing material, such as hot paraffin and pitch, to prevent leakage and contact of stored liquid with wood: Melts sealer in heating tank. 2. Places bunghole of barrel over vertical spout of tank and pulls lever to open compressed-air valve that forces melted sealer into barrel, or pours dipperful of melted sealer into bunghole and tumbles, rolls, and shakes barrel to coat and seal inner surface of barrel. 3. Drains excess sealer from barrel into drain trough. 4. Scrapes sealer from bunghole with piece of steel and replaces bung. 5. Scrapes hardened sealer from drain trough.


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