Barrel Filler Job

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Barrel Filler Job

BARREL FILLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends equipment to transfer glucose from refinery to cooling equipment and storage tanks or to load tank cars and drums preparatory to shipment: Starts vat agitator, and turns valves to admit water to cooling coils and transfer glucose from refinery to cooling vat. 2. Starts pump to transfer cooled glucose to storage tank or tank cars. 3. Removes bung cap of drum and examines interior for cleanliness. 4. Positions drum on rack and turns spigot to fill drum with glucose. 5. Screws bung cap to seal filled drums, using wrench. 6. Weighs drums before and after filling, and stencils tare, gross, and net weight on drums. 7. Obtains sample of glucose from vat for laboratory analysis.


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