Barrel Filler I Job

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Barrel Filler I Job

BARREL FILLER I JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Fills metal or wooden containers with distilled liquors, preparatory to aging: Rolls metal drum or wooden barrel, with bunghole side up, under spigot attached to storage tank. 2. Inserts spigot nozzle into bunghole of container and opens valve to fill container with whiskey, gin, or vodka. 3. Removes spigot nozzle from filled container when spigot has shut off automatically. 4. Hammers bung into bunghole of barrel or screws threaded metal bung into bunghole of metal drum, using wrench. 5. Rolls filled container aside for storing. 6. When filling metal drums only, may be known as Drum Filler.


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