Banking Pin Adjuster Job

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Banking Pin Adjuster Job

BANKING PIN ADJUSTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Inspects and adjusts position of watch banking pins to limit angle through which pallet swings to point where escape wheel clears pallet stones, using loupe and watchmaker’s tools: Turns screw to move eccentrically placed banking pin until impulse face of escape wheel drops off pallet jewel. 2. Moves pallet back and forth to test jewel pin shake, to verify that shake is equal in both pallet positions, using tweezers. 3. Bends pallet to equalize shake, using tweezers. 4. Examines locking motion of escape wheel when guard pin is pressed against safety roller to verify guard pin shake. 5. Moves guard point out or files point to obtain correct length. 6. Heats pallet to liquefy jewel adhesive, using hot plate, and moves jewels to correct slide, using tweezers. 7. Examines pallet action to verify sufficient clearance between pallet and roller. 8. Increases or decreases clearance between pallet and roller to correct deficiency, using tweezers.


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