Ball-mill Operator Job

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Ball-mill Operator Job

BALL-MILL OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends ball mill and auxiliary equipment to produce sodium salicylate for use in production of salicylic acid: Opens valves to transfer specified quantities of sodium hydroxide and phenol solutions to tank, and starts agitators to mix solutions to form mixture of sodium phenate and water. 2. Drains mixture into ball mill, opens exhaust valve, and starts heaters to evaporate water from sodium phenate. 3. Observes moisture indicators to determine when water has been removed from sodium phenate. 4. Pumps cold water into jacket of ball mill to contract mill walls sufficiently to loosen pulpy sodium phenate. 5. Heats ball mill to specified temperature, increases pressure in ball mill to required level, and pumps carbon dioxide into ball mill to change sodium phenate to sodium salicylate. 6. Opens vents to rid sodium salicylate of excess carbon dioxide. 7. Pumps specified quantity of water into ball mill to dissolve sodium salicylate, and pumps sodium salicylate solution into tanks for further processing into salicylic acid.


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