Balancing-machine Operator Job

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Balancing-machine Operator Job

BALANCING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates dynamic balance machine to locate points of imbalance on parts, such as spindles, impeller wheels, armatures, rotors, and steam engine flywheels, and balances parts by removing excess metal, using handtools and power tools, or adding metal, using soldering and welding equipment: Signals crane operator to position workpiece on machine pedestals. 2. Slides drive belt over shaft of workpiece or moves drive wheel against workpiece to connect power source that rotates workpiece. 3. Starts machine to rotate workpiece at specified speed. 4. Moves controls of machine to locate points of imbalance indicated by light beam from strobe lamp on identification marks of workpiece, position of wave crest of trace pattern on oscilloscope screen, or readings on wattmeter and protractor dial. 5. Computes amount of weight to be added to or removed from workpiece, or changes size and location of test weight until zero reading is indicated on ammeter. 6. Drills, grinds, chips, or files metal from heavy side, or welds, solders, or rivets metal pieces to light side to correct imbalance, using power drills and grinders, hand file, and soldering and welding equipment.


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