Balancer, Scale Job

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Balancer, Scale Job

BALANCER, SCALE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Inspects, tests, and adjusts scale mechanisms and repairs or replaces defective parts to ensure balance and accuracy of scales, using handtools and test equipment: Rolls test weights to and from position on scale platform and reads dial indications or weight tickets to verify accuracy of scales. 2. Adjusts parts, such as loading box, rack, pendulum weights, and cams, for travel and leverage to determine type of error and coordinate readings with weights. 3. Adjusts and tightens parts, such as locking handle, cam holddowns and ribbons, pendulum lever assembly, and stops for tare-beam lever, using handtools. 4. Reduces friction to minimum in all bearings and parts of scale, using chisels, taps, tin snips, hacksaw, plumb bob, and electric drill. 5. Repairs or replaces defective parts. 6. May install parts in conjunction with balancing operation.


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