Bakery-machine Mechanic Job

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Bakery-machine Mechanic Job

BAKERY-MACHINE MECHANIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Repairs and maintains bakery machinery and equipment, such as ovens, conveyors, and slicing and packaging machines: Examines machines and equipment to locate causes of trouble. 2. Dismantles machines, using wrenches, pliers, and other handtools. 3. Replaces defective parts, adjusts timing gears, sets dies according to specifications, and repairs or replaces belts, conveyor sections, and feeding devices, using handtools, portable electric drills and grinders, and gas and electric welding equipment. 4. Cuts and installs pipe and tubing for gas, water, air, and hydraulic lines, using wrench, cutting die, and threading device. 5. Sharpens and installs cutting blades in slicing machine. 6. Assembles machines. 7. Starts machines and observes gauges and other instruments to ensure adherence to processing standards. 8. Cleans and lubricates equipment, using rags, brushes, and grease gun. 9. May operate machine tools to make or repair parts.


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