Baker, Pizza Job

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Baker, Pizza Job

BAKER, PIZZA JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Prepares and bakes pizza pies: Measures ingredients, such as flour, water, and yeast, using measuring cup, spoon, and scale. 2. Dumps specified ingredients into pan or bowl of mixing machine preparatory to mixing. 3. Starts machine and observes operation until ingredients are mixed to desired consistency. 4. Stops machine and dumps dough into proof box to allow dough to rise. 5. Kneads fermented dough. 6. Cuts out and weighs amount of dough required to produce pizza pies of desired thickness. 7. Shapes dough sections into balls or mounds and sprinkles each section with flour to prevent crust forming until used. 8. Greases pan. 9. Stretches or spreads dough mixture to size of pan. 10. Places dough in pan and adds olive oil and tomato puree, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, meat, or other garnish on surface of dough, according to kind of pizza ordered. 11. Sets thermostatic controls and inserts pizza into heated oven to bake for specified time. 12. Removes product from oven and observes color to determine when pizza is done.


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