Bailiff Job

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Bailiff Job

BAILIFF JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Maintains order in courtroom during trial and guards jury from outside contact: Checks courtroom for security and cleanliness. 2. Assures availability of sundry supplies for use of JUDGE. 3. Enforces courtroom rules of behavior and warns persons not to smoke or disturb court procedure. 4. Collects and retains unauthorized firearms from persons entering courtroom. 5. Stops people from entering courtroom while JUDGE charges jury. 6. Provides jury escort to restaurant and other areas outside of courtroom to prevent jury contact with public. 7. Guards lodging of sequestered jury. 8. Reports need for police or medical assistance to sheriff’s office. 9. May advise attorneys of dress required of witnesses. 10. May announce entrance of JUDGE.


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