Bagger Job

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Bagger Job

BAGGER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Covers garments or household articles with plastic or paper bags by any of following methods: Hangs garment or article on stand and covers with plastic bag. 2. Pulls plastic from rolls, sliding plastic material over article and tearing plastic at perforations to form bag of desired size. 3. Hangs garment on holder in machine and pulls plastic from roll to envelop garment. 4. Pushes button or moves lever to close heating irons that cut and seal plastic to form bag of desired dimensions. 5. Hangs bagged article on slide rail or rack. 6. Drops shirts or folded articles into machine that automatically envelops articles in plastic bags and drops articles into box. 7. Removes boxes from beneath machine when filled and replaces boxes.


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