Back Washer Job

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Back Washer Job

BACK WASHER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that washes, rinses, and dries sliver to remove impurities, excess dye, and odors: Places balls of sliver on spindles or floor, or sets cans of sliver at feed-end of machine. 2. Pieces up sliver with strand left in machine or inserts end of sliver into machine that draws sliver through washing and rinsing solutions, squeeze rollers, and drying cabinets. 3. Turns valves to regulate circulation of washing and rinsing solutions and to adjust temperature of drying cabinets. 4. Intermingles broken ends of fibers to piece up broken sliver. 5. May insert end of sliver in gilling attachment that blends strands and winds sliver into ball. 6. May weigh and pack balls of sliver for shipment. 7. May tend machine with oil spray attachment that conditions fiber for further processing.


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