Awning-frame Maker Job

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Awning-frame Maker Job

1. Fabricates and assembles metal frames for awnings and dock shelters according to sketches, drawings, or verbal instructions, using handtools and portable power tools: Selects specified size and type of pipe or other raw or finished frame material from stock to use in forming frame parts, such as front bars, extension arms, uprights, armlifts, slide rods, and rafters. 2. Measures and marks metal, using tape measure and crayon. 3. Fastens metal in vise and cuts to size, using hand or power hacksaw. 4. Threads pipe ends, using thread cutters. 5. Drills holes in metal, using electric powered drill. 6. Screws and bolts sections together to assemble frame, using tees, unions, screwdriver, and wrenches. 7. May bend metal to specified angle, using hand bending tool. 8. May disassemble frame and pack for transporting to installation site. 9. May assemble canvas to metal frames. 10. May measure installation site for awning to obtain dimensions.


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