Avionics Technician Job

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Avionics Technician Job

1. Inspects, tests, adjusts, and repairs avionics equipment, such as radar, radio, pulse, navigation, auto pilot, and compass systems, installed in aircraft and space vehicles, using handtools and test equipment: Inspects components of avionics equipment for defects, such as loose connections and frayed wire, and for accuracy of assembly and installation. 2. Tests avionics equipment under simulated or actual operating conditions to determine performance and airworthiness, using test equipment, such as oscilloscopes, digital meters and counters, and circuit analyzers. 3. Adjusts, repairs, or replaces defective components based on analysis of test results, following blueprints, schematics, handbooks, and other technical documents, using handtools. 4. Calibrates installed or repaired equipment to prescribed specifications. 5. Adjusts frequencies of radio sets by signaling ground station and turning setscrews. 6. Must possess Radiotelephone License issued by Federal Communications Commission. 7. May accompany flight crew to perform in-flight adjustments and to determine and record required post-flight repair work. 8. May sign overhaul documents for equipment replaced or repaired. 9. May operate ground station for air-to-station check of radar or other equipment.


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