Automotive-generator-and-starter Repairer Job

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Automotive-generator-and-starter Repairer Job

1. Tests, repairs, and rebuilds automotive generators and starters: Tests generator unit to ascertain amperage and voltage output, using voltmeter and ammeter. 2. Disassembles unit and cleans brushes, bearings, shafts, and armatures in solvent and examines parts for wear or defects. 3. Refaces commutator using lathe. 4. Tests starter spring tension, using testing device. 5. Replaces or repairs defective parts, and reinstalls generator in vehicle. 6. Adjusts fan belt tension and voltage output. 7. May charge or replace battery. 8. May be designated according to part repaired as Automotive-Generator Repairer; Automotive-Starter Repairer.


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