Autoclave Operator Job

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Autoclave Operator Job

1. Controls autoclave to preshrink and preset yarn: Pushes racks of yarn inside autoclave and clamps door shut. 2. Regulates time and temperature controls according to written instructions. 3. Presses buttons to start pump that creates vacuum in autoclave chamber and turns valves to admit steam. 4. Observes gauges and pneumatic controller graphs to ascertain that specified pressure, temperature, and vacuum are maintained to ensure conditioning of yarn according to specifications and to prevent collapse of autoclave. 5. Closes valves and starts vacuum pump to remove moisture at end of steaming chamber. 6. Opens door and removes processed yarn from autoclave to storage, using handtruck. 7. Weighs yarn and records amount of yarn processed. 8. May tend machine that automatically draws yarn into autoclave, seals doors, and discharges yarn at end of steaming cycle.


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