Auto-body Repairer, Fiberglass Job

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Auto-body Repairer, Fiberglass Job

1. Repairs damaged fiberglass automobile bodies, using pneumatic tools and knowledge of fiberglass repair techniques: Cuts away damaged fiberglass, using air grinder. 2. Smooths edges of painted surface, using sandpaper or air-powered sander. 3. Masks surrounding undamaged surface, using masking tape. 4. Cuts plastic separating film, using shears, and tapes film to outside repair area. 5. Mixes polyester resin and hardener according to specifications and applies mixture to repair area, using brush. 6. Soaks matting in resin mixture and layers matting over repair area to specified thickness. 7. Peels separating film from repair area and washes repair surface with water. 8. Occasionally secures new panel to repair area, using C-clamp. 9. Applies and spreads body filler manually to re-establish surface. 10. Manually files away excess filler to match original contour. 11. Smooths filler, using air sander. 12. Cleans repair area with air gun.


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