Audit Clerk Job

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Audit Clerk Job

1. Verifies accuracy of figures, calculations, and postings pertaining to business transactions recorded by other workers: Examines expense accounts, commissions paid to employees, loans made on insurance policies, interest and account payments, cash receipts, sales tickets, bank records, inventory and stock-record sheets, and similar items to verify accuracy of recorded data. 2. Corrects errors or lists discrepancies for adjustment. 3. Computes percentages and totals, using adding or calculating machines, and compares results with recorded entries. 4. May be designated according to type of records audited as Cash-Sales-Audit Clerk; Charge-Accounts-Audit Clerk; C. 5. O. 6. D. 7. Audit Clerk; Commission Auditor; Expense Clerk; Federal-Housing-Administration-Loan Auditor. 8. May be designated: Inventory-Audit Clerk; Journal-Entry-Audit Clerk; Medical-Records Auditor; Remittance-On-Farm-Rental-And-Soil-Conservation Auditor.


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