Audiovisual Technician Job

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Audiovisual Technician Job

1. Operates audiovisual or sound-reproducing equipment to provide or complement educational or public service programs offered by institutions, such as museums, zoos, or libraries: Operates motion picture projecting equipment to show films in auditorium or lecture hall for entertainment or enlightenment of visitors to institution. 2. Operates film, slide, video, audio tape, or turntable equipment to project or produce still or moving pictures, background music, oral commentary, or sound effects to illustrate, clarify, or enhance impact of presentation by TEACHER. 3. Coordinates equipment operation with material presented, according to notations in script or instructions of speaker. 4. Maintains equipment in working condition. 5. Makes minor adjustments and repairs to equipment, and notifies maintenance personnel when correction of major malfunction is required. 6. Positions, installs, and connects equipment, such as microphones, amplifiers, and lights.


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