Attendant, Children’s Institution Job

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Attendant, Children’s Institution Job

1. Cares for group of children housed in city, county, private, or other similar institution, under supervision of superintendent of home: Awakens children each morning and ensures children are dressed, fed, and ready for school or other activity. 2. Gives instructions to children regarding desirable health and personal habits. 3. Plans and leads recreational activities and participates or instructs children in games. 4. Disciplines children and recommends or initiates other measures to control behavior. 5. May make minor repairs to clothing. 6. May supervise housekeeping activities of other workers in assigned section of institution. 7. May counsel or provide similar diagnostic or therapeutic services to mentally disturbed, delinquent, or handicapped children. 8. May escort child to designated activities. 9. May perform housekeeping duties in children’s living area.


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