Athletic Trainer Job

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Athletic Trainer Job

1. Evaluates physical condition and advises and treats professional and amateur athletes to maintain maximum physical fitness for participation in athletic competition: Prescribes routine and corrective exercises to strengthen muscles. 2. Recommends special diets to build up health and reduce overweight athletes. 3. Massages parts of players’ bodies to relieve soreness, strains, and bruises. 4. Renders first aid to injured players, such as giving artificial respiration, cleaning and bandaging wounds, and applying heat and cold to promote healing. 5. Calls physician for injured persons as required. 6. Wraps ankles, fingers, or wrists of athletes in synthetic skin, protecting gauze, and adhesive tape to support muscles and ligaments. 7. Treats chronic minor injuries and related disabilities to maintain athletes’ performance. 8. May give heat and diathermy treatments as prescribed by health service. 9. Workers are identified according to type of sport.


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