Assembly-machine Tender Job

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Assembly-machine Tender Job

1. Tends variety of machines that weld and assemble components into plastic products and stamp or silk screen logos on products: Positions plastic products or components on fixtures of hot-stamp, silk screening, and ultrasonic welding machines, and presses buttons or treadles to actuate machines that apply logos to product or weld components together. 2. Dumps plastic components into vibrating hoppers of assembly machine that automatically assembles components to form plastic products. 3. Observes machine operations to detect malfunctions and clears jams and blockages, using screwdriver. 4. Positions plastic bottles or components on conveyor or turntable of hot-stamp, flame cleaner, or stamping machines that automatically apply logos or remove molding residue from bottles or fit components into single part. 5. Inspects decorated and assembled finished products for defects, such as discolored logos or misaligned bottle caps. 6. Packs finished products into cartons.


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