Assembly-machine-set-up Mechanic Job

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Assembly-machine-set-up Mechanic Job

1. Sets up and maintains in operating adjustment machines and equipment, such as capacitor-pack-winding machine, electrode cutter, spot welders, name-plate stamping machine, and induction heating unit: Receives instructions from supervisor regarding size, number, and type of capacitors to be produced. 2. Arranges work benches and assembly lines to facilitate production. 3. Inserts material into feed mechanism of machines and measures distance between points to set stops on machine, using rule. 4. Secures dogs on dials of counting mechanism to indicate stops during winding operations. 5. Installs machine cutting tools and welding electrodes. 6. Adjusts setscrews to obtain tension on holding devices, using handtools. 7. Makes trial run to ensure proper setting and informs operator regarding production requirements and machine operation. 8. Inspects products to locate malfunctions in machine operation.


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