Assembler, Wire-mesh Gate Job

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Assembler, Wire-mesh Gate Job

1. Fabricates frames from pipe stock and special fittings and installs wire mesh fencing to assemble gates, using handtools and power tools: Cuts pipe stock to specified size, using hacksaw, power saw, or pipe-cutting machine. 2. Inserts pipe ends into corner fittings and verifies length of frame, using template. 3. Drills holes through pipe and fittings and bolts them together, using power wrenches. 4. Untwists wire, using pliers, and removes link to cut wire mesh to size, using hand shears. 5. Inserts metal straps into terminal links of wire mesh. 6. Fits clamps around metal straps and pipe. 7. Stretches wire and bends clamp around pipe, using special handtool. 8. Drills holes in frame and bolts scrolls and ornamental castings to gate. 9. Finishes welded pipe joints, using file or hammer and chisel, and paints joints to retard rusting.


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