Assembler, Unit Job

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Assembler, Unit Job

1. Fabricates and assembles custom-built products, such as doors, windows, window screens, and metal awnings according to work orders, diagrams, or layout, using handtools, power tools, and metalworking machinery: Aligns component parts in jig or straightens and squares parts, using measuring instrument and straightedge. 2. Smooths edges to obtain specified fit, using file or grinder. 3. Straightens components, using hammer or straightening press. 4. Traces reference lines to lay out points for screw and rivet holes, using rule and scribe or template. 5. Drills or punches screw and rivet holes, using punch or drillpress or portable power drill. 6. Assembles component parts to form completed unit, using handtools and portable power tools. 7. Measures panels and lifts and turns latches to inspect and test them for conformance to specifications. 8. May operate riveter, power press, or airhammer to assemble units. 9. May polish surfaces, using portable buffing and polishing tools. 10. May be designated by product assembled as Fireproof-Door Assembler; Metal-Door Assembler; Metal-Window-Screen Assembler.


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