Assembler, Type-bar-and-segment Job

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Assembler, Type-bar-and-segment Job

1. Assembles typewriter type-bar-and-segment units and bends ends of type bars to specified angles and clearances preparatory to type soldering, using handtools and hand-powered brake: Clamps segment to holding device and inserts type bars into segment slots. 2. Pushes curved wire through channel in segment and through holes in type bars to hold them in place. 3. Moves bars to determine snugness of fit. 4. Bends type-bars to fit precisely into segment slots, using special pliers. 5. Grinds defective bars to fit, using emery wheel. 6. Positions type-bar-and-segment assembly to holding plate on braking device. 7. Moves levers to adjust quadrant to degree desired, to bend ends of type bars to specified angles and clearances, and to release bent type bars from holding and bending jaws. 8. Removes formed type-bar-and-segment unit from braking device. 9. Positions type-bar-and-segment assembly in guide-installation fixture and installs type guide, using special alignment tools and power screwdriver. 10. Checks outside bars for guide clearance after removal from fixture, using gauge. 11. May be designated according to work performed as Fitter, Type-Bar-And-Segment; Former, Type-Bar-And-Segment; Guide-Installer, Type-Bar-And-Segment; Spacer, Type-Bar-And-Segment.


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