Assembler, Surgical Garment Job

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Assembler, Surgical Garment Job

1. Performs any combination of following tasks to assemble surgical garments and personal safety devices, such as colostomy pouches, trusses, belts, cervical collars, hosiery, and back, knee, wrist, elbow, and ankle braces: Reads work order to determine number and type of parts required to assemble garment. 2. Measures and cuts required pieces, using ruler, templates, knife, and electric or hand shears. 3. Punches holes in material, using punch press or hand punch. 4. Attaches fasteners, such as eyelets or snaps, using rivet, snap-fastening, or eyelet machine. 5. Grinds and polishes parts, using grinding wheel. 6. Bends metal stays to specified curvature, using bending machine. 7. Applies latex coating to parts or specified areas of parts, using coating machine. 8. Fits and fastens parts together, such as straps, buckles, pads, belts, and stays to assemble garment, using handtools, gluing equipment, and machines, such as punch press, riveting machine, heat-sealing machine, and sewing machine. 9. Weaves elastic thread into outer edges of garments, such as knee, wrist, and elbow braces, to increase elasticity. 10. Places completed garments in boxes or plastic bags for packaging. 11. May be designated according to type garment assembled or material worked with as Elastic Assembler; Latexer II; Leather Worker; Spring Bender; Truss Assembler.


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