Assembler, Subassembly Job

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Assembler, Subassembly Job

1. Joins precut wood, metal, and plastic board pieces to assemble roof, sidewall, and floor subassemblies of manufactured buildings or travel trailer coaches, using assembly jig, handtools, and power handtools: Positions and aligns roof trusses, girders, studs, and other frame members in assembly jig, according to blueprint specifications. 2. Fastens frame members together, using hammer and nails, gang-nail-press, or welding equipment. 3. Attaches insulation and furring strips to framework, using pneumatic stapler. 4. Attaches plywood, plasterboard, or metal sheathing to framework to form interior wall, ceiling, and subfloor of home, using power screwdriver and stapler, glue gun, hammer and nails, or pneumatic nailer. 5. Trims sheathing overlap, using portable router. 6. Measures, marks, bores, or cuts out sections of sheathing to facilitate installation of utility outlets and wiring, according to blueprints, using templates, power drill, and router. 7. Moves completed subassembly to storage or assembly area. 8. May be designated according to specific work performed as Roof Assembler II: Interior Wall Assembler; Floor Assembler; Frame Assembler.


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